Why Live Music is Essential

Since the middle of March, all events that gather large groups of people have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. And while it is true that large groups should not congregate for right now, what happens to us when we don’t come together to share art? Is Live Music essential?

Live music feeds our need to connect with others. It is integral to our overall health. As human beings we need to commune even beyond our family, or work circle.  It is a survival instinct like hunger, only more long term; we only really notice our need for it when it is gone for some time.

How essential live music?

Everyone who studies this agrees: creating art and coming together to share it is a primal need. All animals eat, sleep, and need shelter. Humans also perform art for each other, and have done so since before we were Homo Sapiens. We only have to look at the ancient cave paintings that our ancestors literally risked their lives to make, and the instruments they made to perform for each other to see this. Even in times when most of our energies were concentrated on just making it alive to see the next day, we made and performed art for each other.

It is a matter of survival. Ancient humans needed art in order to develop better ways of connecting and working together. This, in turn, led to greater cooperation within the tribe, and therefore better gathering methods for the gardeners, superior coordination with the hunters, and an overall sense of peace. Clearly it was those people who created art that survived which is why it is so important to us today.

Why can’t I just watch live concerts on Youtube?

As a Youtuber myself I understand the platform is a great service, but it’s not the same thing. It’s simply different when we are with – in-person –  a large group of people. The shared experience and the live connection to the art is key. Our primal urge to connect to other people requires live performances. In all history, it always has.

Aren’t we learning this today? COVID isolation has made our brewing discontent with one another explode with the stress. No amount of Youtube is going to alleviate this. Let’s face it: Modern humans need live performances in order to develop better ways of connecting and working together. Live performances are essential.

Let us all do what we can to flatten the curve of this virus, and get back out with each other!

What do you miss about live music?

Let me know what you think. Are the performing arts essential to us?

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