Rehearsal Strategies for Young Conductors

Learn how to effectively plan, rehearse, and close a rehearsal that energizes your players and prepares them for a wonderful performance.

Rehearsal Strategies for Young Conductors

Welcome to The Art of Listening, a Podcast about classical music, conducting, composition, the business of music, and how to listen to it all. Each week, conductor, composer, and violinist Gabriel Gordon and a host of featured guests discuss the Art of Listening.

In this episode of “The Art of Listening” Gabriel Gordon and Jeff Bradbury discuss how to best plan and run a symphonic rehearsal.

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Podcast Topic

  • What is a rehearsal?
    • When is a rehearsal … NOT a rehearsal?
  • Planning a rehearsal?
    • What do you need to be thinking about before the rehearsal?
    • What should a conductor do to prepare for a rehearsal?
    • Sharing rehearsal plans with the orchestra ahead of time
    • What should a conductor bring to a rehearsal?
      • Music
      • Equipment
      • Additional resources
      • Notes / Outline
    • What to do when you get to a rehearsal?
      • Tips & Tricks
        • Tips for Amateur Ensembles
        • Tips for Professional Ensembles
      • Should conductors help set up and tear down the room?
      • Should the conductor be the first one in the hall?
    • The art of starting on time
    • Beginning a rehearsal
      • Conductor Introductions
      • Sharing the outline vs jumping in
    • Best practices for working in rehearsal with an orchestra
      • Youth, Community, Semi-professional, Professional Orchestra differences
    • Rehearsal techniques
      • Creating a rehearsal strategy over the course of many rehearsals
      • How to start a new piece of music
      • How to introduce a new piece of music
      • When to talk … When to rehearse
      • Should you let the stick do the talking?
    • Podium Tricks
      • How to inspire musicians of all levels to do their best
      • Body language – yours and theirs
      • 80 people all agreeing – a challenge in an ensemble and in life
    • Concluding the rehearsal
      • How to end a rehearsal professionally
      • How to end a bad rehearsal
      • How to end the penultimate rehearsal
      • The Call to Action
        • What should musicians do before the next rehearsal
      • The post rehearsal conductor’s reflection
        • How to get feedback about a rehearsal
        • How to prepare for the next rehearsal

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