Night on Bald Mountain


What happens when you play one of the most spookiest pieces for orchestra … on the violin?

Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Moussorgsky began as a piece for piano solo that he completed in 1867 and was never very popular. It was the orchestral version by fellow Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakoff after Moussorgsky died that became well known. It caught the ear of Walt Disney, was featured towards the end of the first “Fantasia”, and so became music recognized the world over.

I wrote an arrangement of Night on Bald Mountain for a concert that I performed with fellow Youtuber Rob Landes for regular violin (that was me) and Electric violin with effects and loop pedal (that was Rob), and it was very successful. Rob suggested that I make a shorter version, and I obliged along with a brief coda that gives the piece a powerful, darker ending instead of the calm sunrise that is in the original.

I then took that version, and made one for three violins, since I don’t have a loop pedal, but I can make three of myself!

Thanks again to The Monarch in Ogden for letting me film there. Enjoy this Halloween treat!