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How To Prepare For Your Next Audition

Audition Tips and Strategies for Instrumentalists and Conductors

Are you a musician with an audition coming up? Learn how to best prepare for your next job interview with these helpful tips and strategies.
Preparing Students for Auditions

How To Prepare Your Students For Auditions

In this episode of "The Art of Listening" we discuss our best strategies for helping our students prepare for their next District, States, or College audition.
How to Memorize Music

How Do You Memorize Music?

Have you ever found yourself humming a tune in your head? What was it about this tune? Was it simple or complex? Did you hear a single melody or multiple instruments?
How To Become a Composer

How Does A Composer Write Music? Featuring Alfonso Tenreiro

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and wondered to yourself how the composer came up with such beautiful melodies and harmonies?